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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bruno mars-taking to the Moon
suka sngt degar lagu ni..
mula2 aku x penah pon suka degar lagu..
tpi ada seseowg ni bg link kat aku,,
suruh degar mcm2 lagu..
tpi x kisah laa..coz semua lagu 2 best..
btw lagu aku suka degar lagu ni la..
coz aku suka lyric yg ni
"at night when the starts light on my room i sit by myself taking to the moon....
tryin' to get you in hopes you're on the other side taking to me too or am i a fool
who sit alone taking to the moon"
haha nape gan lyric ny sbb ada kene mengena gan haha  :D
dah la lupekan jew x penting pon..k laa enjoy the song o_O

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